The main practice of the Zen school is the sitting meditation or Zazen. This meditation technique has an ancient origin. It was taught 2600 years ago by Shakyamuni Buddha and has been transmitted uninterruptedly from master to disciple until today. This meditation technique involves the harmonization of body, breath and mind. According to master Eihei Dogen Zenji, it is the “great gateway” for the realization and encounter with our true nature.



The retreats held in the temple are periods to dedicate ourselves in a concentrated way to the practice of mindfulness, and to connect with our true nature, which in Buddhism we call the “Buddha nature”. We reduce dispersion to a minimum and focus on basic daily activities. All moments and situations experienced are opportunities for growth and learning.

Among the practices performed, we highlight Zazen (seated meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), Samu (community work) and meals with Oriyoki (Buddha bowls). In several retreats we also carry out Yoga practice in order to better prepare ourselves for zazen, which gives us greater body awareness.

Our diet is ovo-lacto vegetarian, or vegan. The food is prepared by Tenzo, who is responsible for the kitchen, with the help of participants.

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Zazenkais are one-day Zazen practice meetings held periodically at the Taikanji Temple or at the Taikanji House located in the city of Bragança Paulista.

Buddhist Precepts

For practitioners who wish to delve into Zen Buddhism as a way of life, there is a course on precepts, organized whenever there is sufficient number of interested people.


Religious Services


  • Blessings.

  • Ceremonies for protection during openings, for homes, companies, cars.  For babies, pets, and others.

  • Wedding ceremonies before the Buddha altar.

  • Burial (Ossoshiki) and Memorial Ceremonies (Gohoji).

  • Ceremonies in memory of the deceased ancestors. These take place usually after 7 and 49 days, and 1, 3, 7, 13, 17, 23, 25, 27, 33, 37, 43, 47 and 50 years after death.

Others Activities


We also periodically hold Origami workshops, lectures on subjects related to Buddhism, ecology, healthy eating, and spirituality. Also, we offer cinema sessions. All these activities take place in the city of Bragança Pta.

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